E.G. Shamis Blog – First Post

Welcome to my writer’s blog. I wanted to write this post to explain the purpose of this site. I have been collection dreams for years, and compiling these dreams in notebooks, and word documents, and anywhere I could. My goal was to one day turn these stories into writings, short stories, and potentially a novel.

The purpose of this site is to display the work I have completed thus far on that journey; to share these dream worlds with anyone who might find an interest. I will update this blog every time I have a new release, or news pertaining to a release. I also plan to write a post discussing the inspiration for, and process involved in writing each story that is released. Everything from my struggles and triumphs, to interesting facts behind the characters, or whatever it might be.

So stay tuned if you find value in the stories I am writing. Any thoughts, questions, or constructive criticism you may have are welcome!

Thank you for reading!

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